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Dear Visitor,

My name is Volker Ortgies and I am the director of the Bremerhaven Police Force. I would like to welcome you to our web site and hope that you will enjoy looking at our wide selection of subjects.

The Bremerhaven police force is the last remaining community police force in the Federal Republic of Germany, and as such has a close affinity to, and sense of responsibility for, the safety of the citizens of Bremerhaven.

We are a forward-looking force and are constantly updating to stay abreast of modern advances.

For example, we are regularly tested and certified as a family-friendly working environment which allows our officers to combine work and family.

Our officers are on duty around the clock to ensure the safety of the citizenry. In particular they are concerned with the prevention of hazards, investigate crimes and misdemeanours, as well as being active in the prevention of traffic accidents.

You can read about our work and our many preventative activities on our web site

It is important for us to stay in close personal touch with the people we serve and we invite you to contact us if you have any questions, problems or suggestions. A member of the force will be able to help you and answer your questions competently.

If there is an emergency please don`t hesitate to call 110, the toll-free emergency number,


Volker Ortgies

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Identification card of the Bremerhaven police.

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