Official identification card of the Bremerhaven police

The policemen and -women of the Bremerhaven police force will show an identification card while carrying out an official function.

There is only one form of this card which is shown above.

The card shows the rank and serial number of the police officer.

The city coat of arms  (above left), as well as the police star of the city police force (right-hand side), are also shown.

Uniformed officers are always recognizable by their uniform as legitimate members of the force.

However, they are also obliged to show their identification cards when requested.

CID (plain clothes) police officers who do not wear a uniform, can identify themselves with their identification cards as well as a tag which is only valid in conjunction with the card.

If you suspect the legitimacy of a police officer you can have his/her identity confirmed by calling the  command centre of the  Bremerhaven police force on 110 (toll-free emergency number).