When should I dial 110?

General information

The emergency number 110 is toll-free, also from mobile phones. You can call 110 from a mobile phone even if there is no credit or without entering the PIN.

An emergency call will be answered by a police officer at any time of the day or night.

When should I call 110?

  • If you are a witness to, or victim of, a crime

  • If you can give information about a possible crime

  • If you are in danger

  • If you observe anything suspicious

Abuse of the emergency number is a criminal offence, which  can result in legal or financial  consequences.

What information should I be prepared to give?

Keep calm! Be prepared to answer the following questions:


  • Give the address -  town/district, street, house number, apartment number.

  • If you are not sure of the address, describe the location as fully as possible


  • Describe exactly the nature of the emergency

How many people?           

  • Give the number of people involved and how many of these are injured

What injuries?                  

  • State what type of injuries you are aware of


  • Give your name, address and telephone number

Stay on the line                

  • Don’ t hang up. The police may need to ask a few more questions or clarify the situation. The emergency services will already be on their way to you even while you are still on the line

Wait for the emergency services to arrive

First aid rules

110 =Police 

112 =Fire brigade


  • Try to assess the situation

  • Make sure you are not in danger

  • Call the emergency services toll-free on:

  • Give first aid

  • Do not leave the injured person(s)  alone