What should I do if my ATM/credit/ debit card is lost or stolen?


You can´t find your ATM/credit card? Have you maybe left it in a shop or on public transport or has your wallet been stolen with the card(s) in it?

Cash-free payment is becoming worldwide more important and with it the theft and misuse of ATM and credit cards. Very frequently stolen or otherwise illegally obtained cards are being used in fraudulent  debit transactions.

What can you do?

Cancel your ATM/ credit card(s) immediately. Do this also if your card is withheld for inexplicable reasons by an ATM machine!

The machine could well have been manipulated by criminals.

Use the nationwide emergency number  116 116 or contact your bank immediately.


Emergency phone number:

Within Germany:         116 116

From abroad:            +49-116 116

  • Contact the police immediately and report the loss of your ATM/ credit card

  • Have the police register the lost card on KUNO, so that businesses which are affiliated to the system will refuse to accept payment using your card.

Debit transactions (requiring card and signature) can only be blocked using this system.

In order to do this you will need:

  • Bank code number

  • Account number

  • Card sequence number (a single digit number between 0 and 9 which you will find on your bank statement or receipts- your bank can help you)


Cancellation with KUNO without the card sequence number

means that all transactions using all debit cards issued to your account will be refused by businesses for 10 days.

Cancellation with KUNO with the card sequence number

( you can call in the number after the application to KUNO has been made)

means that only payment with this card will be refused

  • even if KUNO is activated, keep an eye on your bank statements during the weeks following the loss of your card. Not all businesses are affiliated to KUNO

  • if someone has used your card the funds can be reimbursed within 8 weeks of the illegal activity

Cancelling your card and pressing charges are generally free of charge, however there are costs involved in the issue of a new card. Ask your bank or credit card provider for information.


Never keep your PIN and code in the same place as your card.  Memorise your PIN and code, do not write them on a piece of paper which you keep in your wallet.

What happens next?

If a crime has been committed the police will investigate and then hand the case over to the public prosecution service. The case worker may have further questions and possibly you will be interviewed.

You can apply for a new card from your bank or credit card provider