What should I do if I find ammunition or an explosive device?


If you should find something metallic, even rusty, whether on rough ground, a building site or in a wooded area, which looks like it might possibly be a grenade, bomb, ammunition or explosive device of some sort , do not touch it or move it in any  way.

What can you do?

  • Contact the police immediately on the toll-free emergency number 110.

  • Warn anyone who is nearby of the possible danger.

  • Keep your distance and note where the object is so that you can inform the authorities when they arrive.

Explosives are always dangerous and it is impossible to estimate the risk of life-threatening injuries.

Even if the device is very old, the explosives it contains can still be active.

The explosive capacity, as well as the sensitivity of the triggering mechanism  may well have been intensified by the impact.