What should I do if I´m being stalked?


A person is described as being the victim of a stalker when he/she is constantly being harassed, among other things on the telephone, being followed or physically abused. Stalkers can be quite inventive.

Anyone can be a victim of stalking – man or woman, teenager or adult. The stalker can be an ex-partner, colleague or a total stranger.

Stalkers  can seriously inhibit the victim´s life.

What can you do?

  • you should tell the stalker in no uncertain terms that you do not want any contact with him/her

  • then ignore the stalker and do not allow any form of contact

  • be consistent

  • report the stalker to your local police even if the stalker is a stranger

  • if you are driving a vehicle and realize that you are being followed by the stalker, drive directly to the nearest police station

  • if you are being threatened, call the police immediately on 110 (toll-free emergency number) and attract the attention of passers-by or neighbours and ask them to help you. They will also be able to provide statements later

  • if you have not ordered anything, do not accept parcels. Tell your neighbours not to accept parcels on your behalf

  • Inform family and friends, neighbours and colleagues

  • Apply to the court for a temporary injunction order. If the stalker ignores this there are further legal steps that can be taken

  • make notes, save and document anything which the stalker sends you which can be used as evidence (Screenshots, chat protocols,  SMS etc.)

  • get in touch with a victim support group

  • be careful with personal data as well  as photos. Do not throw things like this in the trash. A stalker may retrieve them and use them to your disadvantage

  • if you have to consult a doctor or go into therapy, ask the doctor/therapist to document your state of health and if necessary pass this information on to the police officer who is dealing with your case

  • keep a `stalking diary` in order to document the serious effect it is having on your life

What happens next

If you have pressed charges, the police will pass your case on to the public prosecution service.

The case worker   will contact you either in person or by telephone. Make sure you can be contacted.

Get help from our prevention Team: (phone) 0471/953-1123 or E-Mail (praevention@polizei.bremerhaven.de).