What should I do if someone goes missing?


All children and young people under the age of 18 are considered to be missing and in danger if they aren`t where they should be.

Adults are considered to be missing if there is a known source of danger (e.g. suicidal tendencies, serious illness) and they can`t be found.

What can you do?

Call the police on the toll-free emergency number 110 or report the person as missing at your nearest police station.

Before contacting the police, check with friends, neighbours  etc.  if they have seen the missing person. Check possible whereabouts yourself.

If you report a person as missing to the police you must provide the following information:

  • the possible whereabouts of the person

  • where you yourself, friends and acquaintances  can be contacted

  • if applicable, a list of medications that the missing person needs

  • a recent photograph of the missing person

  • where, when and by whom the missing person was last seen

  • clothing and anything they might have with them (backpack, bicycle, umbrella, etc.)

  • details surrounding the disappearance, if known

Also inform the police if the person has gone missing before, even if, on the previous occasion, the police were not involved.

What happens next?

The police will react as the situation dictates. If considered necessary, a search party will be organized in the area where the person was last seen, or is thought to be. If the local search is unsuccessful, a nationwide search may  be initiated.

If the missing person turns up or contacts you, let the police know immediately.